Exceptional Art With Hend Al Thubaity

Our artist of the month creates mesmerizing creations that merge traditional and modern together.

About the artist

“I am a lecturer at King Abdulaziz University. There are a few coming exhibits that will be announced soon. But mostly I post my work daily on my Instagram page.” One of Hend’s latest works now adorns the walls of Medd Café.Hind-Al-Thobaiti-4

Art as a passion

As they always say, inspiration and revelations find you when you’re working. Hend grew up around art and it became part of her personality from an early age.medd

Since grade school she learned working with traditional oils, then started dabbling with mixed mediums. Her biggest fans and main support started with her family and twin sister.

Art mediums

The kind of mediums you use for your art plays a huge role in defining your art style. Our artist mostly focuses on mixed media paintings and then digitally transforms them. Sometimes she creates pottery pieces out of her illustrations.IMG_9715-copy

“I would say my work is mostly a mash up of all the different forms of art that I have learned and experienced.”

Describing her art

As with any art project, there are many hidden elements that the artist knows and experiences. She explains blending everyday objects with a fantastical twist.IMG_9713

“I would call it contemporary Islamic art. My art arises from contemporary concepts, which focus on our traditional notions and modern world perception. However, my designs are inspired by traditional Islamic art geometry. My illustrations depict the geometric repetitions that echo my concepts.”IMG_9701

Challenging the traditional boundaries

Her traditional influences are evident in her work.

“I am an Islamic art graduate so Islamic geometric designs have always been inspiring to me. I use conceptual design while sticking to traditional Islamic pattern concepts; it has always been a form of decorative art to me. My work arises from using motifs that are from today’s world while implementing the same traditional techniques.”IMG_9692

Instagram: hano369od

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