Excellent Day Trips From Riyadh

Take a break from the hubbub of the city.

With the sweltering sun tucked away and a calming breeze out to play, the Najdi winter is the perfect time to head on a day trip. Owing to Riyadh’s central location, a day trip from the city can unlock so many historical sites and nature’s marvels of the Saudi hinterland. Here we sum up some of the best day trips from Riyadh.

n67a5481Explore Al Qassim’s Rich History

Head to the village of Oyoun Al Jawa, which is one of the oldest inhabited places in Al Qassim. Wander through the old town with its well-maintained adobe houses standing as a stark contrast to the new town that developed around it. There’s a historic souq nearby so don’t forget to buy those heaps of dates that Qassim is famous for.

shutterstock_1202978656Understand Arabia Of The Past At Ushaiger

Immerse yourself into traditional Arabian life at the charming village of Ushaiger. What’s best about the place is that the historic village owes its current well-preserved state to its residents who took on the task of preserving the dwellings of their ancestors upon themselves. Uncover facets of old Arabian life as the proud people of the village retell glorious stories of their forefathers.

img_20170428_100924Discover One of Najd’s Hidden Canyons

Wadi Mawan, the canyon stretches for miles and is an astounding natural wonder. It’s best seen after rains where one can see the rainwater meandering through its crevices.

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