Evolution of Coffee Making in Saudi:

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In the last few years, we have seen an exponential growth in coffee culture in Saudi Arabia with plenty of new coffee shops opening up for the public. This boom does not come from nowhere, as it is the boom of the coffee making industry that triggered that change in Saudi culture.

Coffee farming has always been designated to specific regions of the world, specifically South America with the infamous Colombian coffee beans. However, today Saudi is taking it’s coffee making much more seriously.


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With investments into the coffee industry in Saudi by ARAMCO, farmers have developed new agricultural techniques in order to increase the yearly yield of coffee beans that are then processed into our favorite blends that are distributed throughout the country.


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The coffee making industry in Saudi Arabia still operates on a smaller scale in comparison to other countries. However, with a 9.6% annual growth in coffee making, Saudi is on its way to becoming a major producer of coffee beans with potential to begin exporting in the near future.


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The Coffee farms in Saudi are all located in the south due to the ideal weather conditions as the climate in the southern regions are different compared to the rest of the country. It is more humid and has mild temperatures with long summers.


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The booming coffee making industry in Saudi shows a great potential for strong competition in the global coffee industry. It also shows that the country is becoming more self-sufficient, where the demand for coffee can now be satisfied locally without the need for external imports.

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