Escape to Habitas AlUla for Eid AlFitr | Immerse in Tranquility and Catch the AlUla Skies Festival

Looking for a unique and inspiring Eid break close to home? Look no further than Habitas AlUla, an awe-inspiring resort nestled in the heart of the Ashar Valley. With a distinct sense of tranquillity and a glimpse of an ancient landscape through an unfiltered lens, AlUla, known as the World’s Masterpiece, is a destination that will capture your heart.

But there’s more. Extend your trip to catch the AlUla Skies Festival from April 26 to May 13. Watch in awe as 200 colorful balloons float high above the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hegra.

During your stay at Habitas AlUla, you can indulge in a holistic spa experience at Thuraya Wellness, embrace nature at its most rugged, and hunker down for the night in one of the resort’s sustainably designed villas, which blend seamlessly into the desert landscape.

When hunger strikes, make your way to Tama, the resort’s homegrown restaurant. Meaning “here and now” in Aramaic, Tama embodies one of Habitas’ core brand experiences: the essence of being present. The restaurant uses sustainable agricultural methods to take guests on an unforgettable culinary journey, surrounded by sandstone mountains and rustic interiors. Alternatively, dine on the terrace under the clear AlUla night skies.

Launched in November 2021, Habitas AlUla is a true embodiment of the brand’s six pillars: music, wellness, adventure, culture, learning, and culinary. The resort’s daily programming is meticulously developed to immerse guests in the region’s authentic culture and natural environment. You can take part in art and culture walks, canyon trekking, yoga, meditation, and breathwork.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, Habitas AlUla offers a Night of Peace package, which includes a one-night villa stay for two guests, breakfast, dinner at Tama restaurant, and Habitas daily programming. Prices start from SAR 3,500 (taxes included).

With its stunning landscape and unique experiences, Habitas AlUla is the perfect destination for an inspiring and unforgettable Eid getaway.

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