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Embrace The Season With Style: Your Riyadh Summer Style Scoop

Shop at Eastway Market for the most charming dresses

Summer is here and Destination has chosen all the trendiest and most vibrant fashion items to elevate your style this season. From one of a kind concept stores to a long list of home and nail spas and skincare options, all of it curated to cater to your needs, and for you to revel in each one of these places.

Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Eastway Market 

Whether it be a fun outing with the team or a close knit gathering with friends, Eastway Market has got you covered with its assortment of fashionable, stylish and vibrant clothing options.

Instagram: eastwaymarket

House Of B

Giving your sense of style an extra sprinkle of color? House of B has a collection of beautiful bags to compliment each outfit of yours.

Instagram: houseofb_sa

Gallery Blu

Looking for a fusion between trendy and artistic? Gallery Blu is all the talk in Riyadh, a cool concept store that has all the distinctive pieces you need for your home or office.


Summer Self Care Checklist 

Sparadise Home Spa

When it’s too hot to leave the comfort of your home or you want to throw a spa day with your squad and loved ones, take the R&R to your doorstep and enjoy a day full of comfort, pampering, pure relaxation and utmost rejuvination.

Instagram: Sparadise.hs

To reserve: +966-506827185

Sii Home Spa

No more waiting and anticipation to book a spot at a spa, when you can revel in the luxury of having a spa day all to yourself at the comfort of your home with Sii Home Spa. Pick out your favorite nail art and the ideal skin routine.

Instagram: sii_spa

To reserve: +966-531332756

Fleur Spa

Considering spending some quality time with your friends while being pampered? Invite them over for a spa day and book an appointment with Fleur Spa, an in-home service spa that comes to you at your convenience.

Instagram: fleurspa__

To reserve: +966-555095215

Glow Up Your Skin 

Beaux Time Skincare

Rejuvenate, exfoliate and refresh with Beaux Time, a brand that is equipped to take care of your skin, not only with various skincare products but also a calming and thorough skincare treatment, whether its your own treatment or theirs.

Instagram: beauxtimeriyadh

The R Skin

Struggling to take care of your skin and hair because of Riyadh’s rough weather? We got you covered! Try out The R Skin’s charcoal soap, a people’s favorite alongside the many skin and hair care products they have saved up.


Need To Get Your Nails Done?

Base and Boon

Sit back, relax and trust Base & Boon to take care of and beautify your nails to your liking and taste with your favorite colors and designs.

Instagram: baseandboon

Kioko Nail Spa

Opened last year and acknowledged to be one of the best places to get your nails done in Riyadh, Kioko succeeds in winning all their guests’ hearts with their amazing nail care services and nail designs.

Instagram: kiokonailspa

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