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Mean Girls
Because it’s pop culture classic that has inspired a gazillion spin offs, memes and quotable quotes. Mean Girl has the whole cult following going on and well, while our high school was really nothing like it— a lot of people still consider it the teen flick of this generation.

And whoopee it’s on MBC MAX starting this week.



Hello by Adele
So here’s the debate in the office. Hello by Adele is either a response to Drake’s Hot Bling OR to Lionel Richie’s “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?” line. Gotta hand it to you, Adele, you know how to make a come back *slow clap*.


The Girl on the Train By Paula Hawkins
The “Girl” has become a fiction favorite of late—together with plots that have so many twists, they’ve turned into fictio-pretzels. So, If you’re into suspense thrillers and have the self-discipline not to wiki-your way through this book, then Girl on the Train is a Hitchcockian sort of tale that will keep you gripped and entertained.

Available at: Jarir Bookstores and Virgin Megastore



Ballad of Lost Heroes
You’re an amnesiac character called Adam, who teams up with a thief called Sara to find out what you’d written in a journal you were carrying. Along the way you pick up other people and fight monsters and find out who exactly you are, and what you were doing in this fun rpg. My favorite part is, SPOILER, a certain mini-quest where you get to play in an apocalyptic version of Riyadh, with a great message included.

Ballad of Lost Heroes

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