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The Social Network
So news of Mark Zuckerberg, founder and creator of Facebook (just in case some of you have managed to hide from the clutches of social media) donating 99% of their shares to charity went viral this past week. According to reports, the philanthropic move was in celebration the birth of Zuckerberg and wife, Priscilla Chan’s daughter–Max.

While the 30-year-old billionaire has insisted that “the Social Network” movie based on himself is an insightful look at what “may” have been the story behind the creation of the website.

Showing on MBC MAX: 8:00 PM (KSA Time), December 8.

Photo Credit: indiewire.com

Photo Credit: indiewire.com


Justin Bieber’s Purpose Album
Despite the possible backslash and as much as we hate to admit it, there are some pretty catchy tunes on Bieber’s comeback album. Now our newfound appreciation for Bieber may mainly stem out of our editor playing it on repeat in the office (much to the chagrin of the anti-Bieber staff), after she took a spinning class with this track for the climb:


The Strange Library By Haruki Murakami
ONE OF THE PRETTIEST BOOKS WE’VE SEEN. This illustrated short novel is a welcomed deviation from an author who’s known for his behemoth titles. Rest assured that despite its length, you’ll be whisked into Murakami’s world of magical realism.

Available at: Virgin Megastore


The brainchild of Moe Alemam, Osama Fattouh, Essam Alghamdi and Saif Alkhuder, the fact that this game is good is a given thing and don’t you dare think otherwise. I mean, I’d play for the background music alone if it’s from Agent Whiskers. In this particular game you play a professor who’s developed a bunch of droids to protect his lab, except you end up running away from them for some reason I haven’t entirely understood. (Exercise? Fun? They say testing but I don’t believe them have an over-active imagination.) The interface and gameplay is simple, and it’s decent entertainment for those long hours at the office. Tester’s tip: Jumping off the wall may propel you right into the enemy, use wisely.

Play Simudroids

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