Domo Arigato! Akiba Dori


Neon Lights and Japanese delights.

Feel like you’re amongst the neon city lights in Japan at Akiba Dori, a trendy Japanese eatery that has opened its doors in J-Town located at the House Hotel City Yard. They offer a menu packed with Japanese street-food dishes.

img_8029-copyWe began our meal with their Seafood Maki and Vegan Sushi, they were a great way to start the night as they were packed with freshness and delectable finesse, setting the bar high for the rest of the evening.

img_8030-copyNext up was the Chicken Katsu, Seafood Yaki Soba, Chicken Sando, and Sliders, each one flavourful and memorable. Then came their iconic fresh-from-the-over Tokyopolitan Pizza, an amalgamation of Japanese sea salt and dough topped with Italian flavors of cherry tomatoes and burrata cheese which was the highlight of the evening.

img_8038On the side, we also tried their Akiba Special and Blueberry Mocktails that were perfect refreshers. Finally, we ended our night with their Lotus Cheesecake topped with a tableside lotus sauce and their classic, soft and bouncy Japanese Cheesecake.

img_8037-copyIf you’re looking for a restaurant to take your friends or family to, head to Akiba for its youthful vibe and vibrant menu.

Location: Akiba Dori, The House Hotel, Obaydah Al Sallmaney, Ar Rawdah, Jeddah 23435
Tel: +966-12-605-5206

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