Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Diving in Saudi Arabia

Diving in Saudi Arabia

By Nelly Attar

Fact: KSA is home to some of the best and most accessible diving sites in the world (ALL year long).

The variety of marine life in the Red Sea surrounding Jeddah, Farasan Islands, Yanbu, and neighboring areas has to be seen to be believed. Moreover, the clear visibility and calm/warm waters, make Saudi’s diving conditions even more pristine. It is no wonder why Saudi’s waters is one of my favorite escapes.

Still very much under-dived, most of the reefs that stretch parallel to the coast north and south of Jeddah are in good condition. With 1,830 kilometers of coastline on the Red Sea and over 500 kilometers of coastline on the Persian Gulf, there is PLENTY to dive.


Some of my favorite spots include Al Nakheel Beach Al Ghulam Resort, Sheraton Beach, Boiler Wreck, Ala’s Reef, Redmah Wall, Ann Ann Wreck, Cable Wreck, and Miss Mara Wreck. You may encounter any of the following marine creatures while diving in these phenomenal spots:

unnamed-16Despite the wonders of diving in Saudi, I must say, conditions have been on a steady decline throughout the years. Some of the shore dives in Jeddah have been heavily spear fished (even though spear fishing is banned). Additionally, coastal developments are polluting the water in some areas and global warming is creating some undesirable oceanic heat-waves. If you do plan on taking up diving as your new favorite hobby, please do make sure to support the operators that respect and protect Saudi’s precious marine life.

unnamed-42There are PADI affiliated groups operating in Riyadh that you can tap into in order to be a certified diver. The courses are for those interested in diving as a leisurely hobby. There will be pool time involved, most of which are done within the city.

unnamed-43Eventually you’ll be taken for a trip to the open waters. There’s a number of hours you need to meet for both the lessons in the pool and excursions. To learn more about diving here in Saudi Arabia, contact Rio Diving (Riyadh-based).

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