Your Guide To Dining Al Fresco In Riyadh

By Anne Marie Argile

Create the perfect outdoor space and enjoy warm summer evenings dining al fresco.

Watch The Space
Enhance your outdoor space with interesting features to create a tranquil oasis. Install a water feature to add sound and movement and pots and plants to give height, texture and color. Visit the Sultan Garden center in particular; they have great stone pots in a variety of colors.
Take A Seat
Whether it’s a table for two or 20 this summer, make sure your guests are sitting comfortably. Entertaining sofas and side tables are ideal for large gatherings and casual evenings. Accessorize with colorful cushions and throws to show off your individual style and taste. Table and chair sets provide the ideal dining al fresco experience; choose from wood, rattan-effect or metal. Alternatively visit Ikea and bring existing chairs up-to-date with new seat pads in vibrant colors and designs.
Make Light Of It
Create an enchanted garden by stringing fairy lights and hanging lanterns from trees. Arrange attractive tea light holders to add a subtle glow to your dining table and position freestanding lanterns around the garden to light the way and create a relaxed ambience. Saco has a wide range to choose from.

Set the Table
Think easy elegance when it comes to arranging your table to maintain a relaxed vibe. Leave glass and crockery inside and head to Pottery Barn for chic, melamine dinnerware. Zara Home has colorful acrylic tumblers and pitchers, ideal for serving homemade lemonade or flavored water. Be bold with color and pattern. Cover tables with prints and stripes or choose from a beautiful range of runners and placemats at Midas Furniture.
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Menu Plan

Keep it casual when it comes to planning the menu.

Shared platters of hummus, tasty olives and warm bread dipped in balsamic vinegar and olive oil will keep hunger pangs at bay while the barbecue heats up.


Marinated meat, fish, halloumi and vegetables all work well cooked over coals.


Serve with sumptuous salads and herbed couscous for a real feast.


Fruit platters and homemade lollies make an easy and refreshing way to end a perfect evening.



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