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Saudi art goes virtual

What is Digital Art?
In recent years, we have seen an influx of digital mediums, and life has become a phygital (physical and digital) hybrid. Hence, it’s no surprise that art, too, has expanded and boomed so rapidly. Artists everywhere are experimenting with various digital art forms, from photography and illustration to graphic design and architecture in the metaverse.

Digital art has also become increasingly prominent in Saudi, with artists having their break online,  such as Saudi artist Rex Chouk, illustrator Bayan Yasin and more. As the country embraces the intangible but equally valuable realm of digital art, we see more artists braving the frontiers. Here are some of them:

From the Bleachers by Sattom Al Asad

From the Bleachers by Sattom Al Asad

Sattom Al Asad

A practicing architect and digital artist based in Los Angeles, Sattom Al Asad reimagine spaces within a digital framework. After starting her career in architecture, she realized that more than the field alone was needed for her to create and visualize her thoughts. She then began to express those ideas through digital visualization of spaces, sculptures, furniture pieces, and much more.

Sattom draws inspiration from her personal experiences, travels, and Saudi background. This, as well as her passion for shaping space, whether physical or digital, led to the three main elements of most of her projects: Light, materials and texture, and natural elements.

nothingbutnetSattom likes to incorporate natural elements to add a touch of surrealism to her digital art, such as having large boulders or trees in places they’re not expected to be.

The elements can be seen in her artwork, where viewers feel transported to another reality of peace and tranquility, even for a few seconds. Sattom believes digital art will become more relevant as technology advances around artificial intelligence and virtual reality, eventually becoming the norm.



Sattom has exciting plans coming in the future, where she aims to continue to experiment with the virtual space where the limitations to physics, weather, and other obstacles are lessened. She also plans to continue leveraging her skills to contribute to a beautiful and more culturally diverse virtual reality in forms such as the metaverse. Stay on the lookout for Sattom’s dreamy designs.

Instagram: _sattom

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