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Different Strokes

Meet artists with some unconventional mediums.

Mashael Faqeeh

Known for her spectacular embroidery, all her followers were excited when she announced her new website. Faqeeh launched her sparkly website in June 2016 after quitting her job to pursue her own passion and work on her brand. Shortly after quitting, she started acquiring the skills to build her website on her own and sell handmade pieces that she sewed.

Wanting to get into fashion with pieces that aren’t manufactured but made with care, she decided to make a line of patches which got a lot of adoration even internationally! She already started working on her new line of 60 patches and 40 hoops, and we can’t wait to get our hands on them!

Not long before that, Fakeeq published a book called “Stitched” in March 2016, featuring a collection of short poems she wrote throughout her life. The book’s intent is to make people feel better. While juggling through that she was part of many galleries and collaborations including Tamashee, Nasiba Hafiz and Qoutna.

Fahad Al Siddiqi

Art is no stranger to Al Siddiqi. He’s been a painter since childhood, a pianist, a digital art enthusiast, and most recently a special effects makeup artist. At only 18 years old, he attracted a lot of attention with his unique art skills in practicing SFX and showcasing it in a unique way.

In 2013, he wanted to get over his fear of gore to be able to join the medical field, and instead of getting rid of his fear he got inspired to create it. Despite his struggle with the price, quality and availability of the tools needed to produce SFX, he managed to shine through the many young artists exploring this new field.

His latest project created captivating temporary tattoos that give the same effect as a freshly made one, providing pain and guilt free tattoos. Al Siddiqi does not stop here yet, he has his eyes set to join the movie industry and enhancing his SFX skills even more.

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