Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA’s Saudi Dine List

Destination KSA’s Saudi Dine List

Our resident gastro gnomes went on culinary adventures this year, transporting them to the countryside of Italy to the backstreet food havens of Hong Kong, we’ve dined by the beach and overlooking sierras— all within the Kingdom’s safe borders.

Despite being faced with unprecedented challenges, Saudi’s F&B scene managed to maneuver its way, with certain international outposts managing to debut strong and local concepts redefining dining standards in Saudi Arabia.

Class Acts

Upscale Restaurants bring new lessons into town

Riyadh’s Dining Blackbook
It’s no surprise that international fine dining franchises opt to plant their flags in Riyadh before expanding to other cities. These past couple of years saw the rise of noteworthy outposts:

san-carlo-copyThe Italian Job:

From fine to chic dining, restaurants are vying for the head of the table

DKSA recommends
A revitalized menu that offers in-house made Bresaola

screen-shot-2020-11-11-at-4-50-33-pm-copyAsian Takeover

screen-shot-2020-11-11-at-4-48-02-pm-copyIn the Spotlight Suhail, Where Heritage Meets Hospitality


Setting up an elevated dining experience while maintaining authenticity is a tricky balancing act. More so, when you’re attempting to conquer a cuisine that the local palate knows from the inside out.

Saudi Executive Chef Rakan Al Oraifi and Sous Chef Soliman Alrefai together with the purveyors of Suhail’s dining experience took on the challenge by learning from the true masters of the cuisine— regional grandmas, moms, and celebrated home cooks from the different regions of Saudi Arabia.screen-shot-2020-11-11-at-4-53-38-pm-copy

The result? Rich flavors that stir nostalgia while your eyes feast on plating (and interiors, as well) that are becoming of a fine dining address. The menu is a tasting landscape for newcomers, discovering regional iconic dishes presented in a modern, non-cliche way.

The Kbeibah Hail is and Manto Al Medina are strong dining openers. Our editor’s must-mains include Suhail’s Saleeg (creamy savory goodness), Asir Haneeth (falls off the bones), and samak jazan. The gracious host will end your meal with complementary gahwa and lugaimat— however, if there’s room in your belly for sweets, the Suhail Kharbaz, will punctuate your experience at this house of culinary delights and authentic local hospitality.

Instagram: suhail_saudi

screen-shot-2020-11-11-at-5-05-31-pm-copyAl Khobar: 2020’s Culinary Dark Horse

Eastern Province

Maybe it’s the borders closing down, or simply being ripe for the picking— but late Al Khobar is upping its game, and with that, the promise of what would be the biggest flagship Nozomi in the world. As it is, the recent opening of Eat’sy by Chef Susy Massetti made our tummies giggle, good Italian food that isn’t in Bahrain? You bet. And we’re super stoked for the local concept outposts that have brought us some nifty eastern vibes:


To the Tune of Fusion:
Cultural Mash Ups at Medley


When you orchestrate the use of seasonal ingredients and find the harmony between flavors, you come out with a masterpiece of sorts. A big part of attempting modern Arabic food is finding the right combo and technique, applying them to the local recipe without diluting its essence (not necessarily being authentic). So far, Medley is whistling a happy tune, one that so far, is better than most attempts we’ve seen in recent years.

Tried: Lamb Shank Bayti, Truffle Mutabal, and Wagyu Hummusscreen-shot-2020-11-11-at-5-03-16-pm-copy

Culinary Trends Diary 2020

Prime Cut Meateries of the Year


DKSA recommends
It only opens 4 days a week (Wed-Saturday), for 4 hours (8 PM-12 MN) each night. Is it worth it? Yes! 4 items on the menu, all done well, this is a carnivore’s dream.

marble-copyShall we brunch?

After Seven
Timings: 7am – 2pm

Timings: 7am – 3pm


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