Dania Al Sayed – Abayas, Rings And So Much More

As a 2008 Graphic Design graduate from Dar Al-Hekma College, Dania Al-Sayed said she was always fascinated with the world of fashion, beauty and jewelry. She started her career in design with a local advertising firm in Jeddah where she has been for a year.

She said that her initial interest in abaya design was something she stumbled upon and was not planned. “Initially, I developed my interest by coming up with my own unique designs for myself and sometimes for others on random occasions such as birthdays,” Al-Sayed said. “As I became more engaged in the process with several unique designs, I envisioned an opportunity for meaningful work existing by presenting customers with the experience of a lovely abaya.”


She also designs different things like rings which she said has always been of great interest to her. “Embarking on a graphic design journey in my college years with multiple opportunities and challenges, I felt the need to share my creativity with my customers through jewelry. The “double” ring was the ideal image for what I had in mind,” she said.


She also plans to branch out into necklaces and bracelets in the future. Using varying scripts of calligraphy from Diwaniya to Riqa to Nash she customizes her designs to what her customers want based on their “wants, needs, and tastes.” At the end of the day, Al-Sayed wants to give her customers a unique experience. She takes the utmost care of her creations wrapping them in cloth to keep them safe from damage while being transported.

 E-Mail: dania.alsayed@gmail.com

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