Cultural Reconnaissance

A look inside the Capital’s best museums.

  • National Museum

With an unparalleled collection stretching back thousands of years, the National Museum is in a league of its own. Once inside, you can easily stroll around its rich hallways for hours that serve as one of the best insights into the history of Arabia.

Location: King Faisal Rd., Al Murabba


  • Murabba Palace

Just a few meters to the west of the National Museum stands the Murabba Palace, which was once home to King Abdulaziz and his royal court. There are lots to see inside this historic palace, the main highlights include the country’s first lift and a Rolls-Royce presented to the King by Winston Churchill.

Location: AlAmir Faisal bin Turki St., AlMurabba


  • Antiquities Museum

Located inside the expansive confines of King Saud University, the Antiquities Museum is where you’ll get to see artifacts from the famous excavations conducted at Qaryat Faw — one of the richest archaeological sites in the country.

Location: King Saud University


  • Masmak Fort

The Masmak Fort is a fine example of Najdi architecture. Apart from the obvious architectural beauty, the historic fort beckons visitors to its museum that stunningly narrates the story of the formation of modern-day Saudi Arabia.

Location: Al Imam Turki Ibn Abdullah Ibn Muhammad, Diriyah


  • Saqr Al Jazira Aviation Museum

This is one of those museums that you’d want to go to with your children and by the end of it, you may just inspire them to become pilots. There are several aircraft on display including some of the very first used by the Royal Saudi Air Forces.

Location: Eastern Ring Rd., King Abdullah Dist.


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