Cosmicat Runs the World – A Spotify SAWTIK Playlist Collaboration

As the great Queen Bey once said, “Who runs the world? Girls.” If anyone exemplifies this statement to the T, it has to be DJ extraordinaire Nouf Sufyani, better known as Cosmicat, naming herself after her love for cosmology and cats.  

Cosmicat has been taking the music scene in the country by storm, having played her sets at the best events in the country. Through her work, she showcases the evolving rhythms of the nation; the crescendo of her music echoes near and far, gaining her local and international acclaim.

She is one of the latest to be a part of the SAWTIK, Spotify’s inaugural women-in-music initiative for the region. SAWTIK means “your voice” in Arabic.

With this initiative, Spotify is hoping to amplify the voices of female artists in the region. Through this playlist, Spotify hopes to make it easier for labels and fans to uncover these talented stars.

Cosmicat’s latest track, “Toxic Romance,” is a part of this playlist. When asked about the inspiration  behind the track, she revealed how it encapsulates her passion for her craft and relationship with Music:

img_1147-copy“Toxic Romance is something I’ve been working on during 2020. It translates a lot of emotions that I  have for the music itself and my love and my relationship with electronic music to the point it became  an actual toxic romance, you know when you can’t sleep, you can’t eat, you can’t go out, you can’t see  anyone because you are in the studio working 24/7, so it’s consuming and also very very rewarding, and  that’s what it’s about.”  

As one of the most impactful female DJ’s in the country, she has been part of the game for so long that she has seen it evolve to what it is today, stating, “One of the things that we notice recently is that local artists have been given more opportunities and platforms than before… This makes me happy and proud. We have evolved from playing in underground events inside our close circles to now playing up  and out for the world to watch.” 

She feels incredibly proud when she sees other women come up in the scene. “It makes me happy and  proud, and I consider this as physical proof of change, the change of everyone’s mentality being more  open to pursuing new fields, new types of art, and women going out there and being fearless and doing  whatever they want, makes me super grateful to be alive at this time.”  

Cosmicat finds inspiration all around her “I find my inspiration when I look at successful women,  successful artists, who are doing what I’m doing for years, and I look up to them as role models to guide  me.”  

Expressing gratitude and glee for being asked to be part of SAWTIK, she ecstatically shares, “I gain inspiration by listening to different women from different places all over the Arab world and seeing how every one of them make music in their style and personality is so empowering. I wish for the future to  hold more and more female musicians who can do the same, and honestly, I am honored to have been a  part of this.” 

“Spotify has always been a part of my life,” she states, adding, “Spotify itself has been a very, very helpful inspiration generator for me because it is so easy to find a lot of related content, helping me find new music. Artists are always looking for more opportunities to connect with new listeners, and Spotify can make that happen.” She also mentioned that “Having applications as such, that you can just carry in your pocket and lets you take your entire library has been an effective tool to be more reachable for everyone since it is one of the most popular apps out there, so anyone can just look at you up and find everything. It’s just quick and easy, straight to the point.”

Upon being asked to give a word of advice to the potential future musicians and creators of the world,  she said, “Be fearless and prioritize yourself, your taste instead of worrying about how people would perceive you and yeah man, pursuing things naturally in the way you are comfortable with is just the best thing to do. “

DJ Cosmicat Favourites

We asked Cosmicat to recommend her favorite Dj’s this is what she had to say

Number one is Desert Fish, ” he is one of the people who helped me out throughout my career and he is such an amazing, and genius producer …. I cannot stress enough how genius he is.”

The second is Vinyl Mode, “he’s one of those who helped encourage me to get on the scene and got me my first radio gig in Saudi Arabia. He is a brilliant DJ and producer. He’s a real vibe generator and I love  and respect him.”

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