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Colors and Creativity: The Benefits of Art Therapy

Colors and Creativity: The Benefits of Art Therapy
By Sumaiyya Naseem

Creating art is one of the most common practices throughout history, regardless of culture or region. Even the earliest human communities created works of art, like the cave paintings and spray painted graffiti of Indonesia.

A big misconception at the centre of this activity is that only natural talent can result in a work of art. That, of course, is not true. Anyone can be an artist.

Here’s a truth for you: art is not just about expressing creatively, it is also a form of therapy. People who are stressed or suffer from a mental illness usually turn to art therapy to heal themselves. The bonus of art therapy is that it does not have to be museum-worthy. It could be a whole page of scribbles and it would still result in healing. You also don’t need a therapist in order to reap the benefits.

Take a look at the benefits of art therapy:

1. Self-discovery.

You will develop a deeper understanding of who you are when you evaluate your art.

2. Promotes self-expression.

Some of us are introverts and don’t do well in social situations. We like our quiet corners. You can use art to express yourself without actually using any words.

3. Personal fulfillment.

Your art matters even if it’s not top equal with Van Gogh and Monet. Your art will make you confident, and nurture you from the inside. Artistic productivity will also raise your self-esteem and self-respect.

4. Stress relief and relaxation.

Sometimes the best thing a nervous and frustrated person can do is to lose themselves in the world of art. Spread a few papers, pick pencils and let it go. You will feel more relaxed than ever before. This is also known as catharsis.

If you have fears and anxieties that are difficult to talk about then you can express these visually and develop a sense of control over your emotions.

5. Develops your imagination.

Once you start drawing, painting or whichever form of art you prefer, you will not want to stop. Art will help your imagination grow and expand.

6. Processes your thoughts and feelings.

Art helps people who are depressed, overwhelmed and struggling with emotions by giving them the space to express themselves. By splashing colours or even just scribbling shapes you may just as well figure out how you feel.

7. Develops motor skills.

If you suffer from any disorders that have caused deficiencies in your motor skills then activities like drawing, painting and colouring will help in improving it.

Is art therapy just about colors?! Nope. If you’re not into the visual arts (drawing, painting, sculpture, arts and crafts), then you can opt for music, writing or even dancing. These are all forms of creative therapies. Express and de-stress today!


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