Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Coworking Spaces Are The New Jam

Coworking Spaces Are The New Jam

Coworking spaces bring two worlds together to create a new universe: one where it’s social, energetic and creative and the other where it is productive and functional.

Brad Neuberg initiated one of the first coworking spaces out there by starting something called, Hat Factory. It was a live-work loft that was home to three tech workers, and open to others during the day. He, later, went on to develop the first working only coworking space, called Citizen Space. The coworking movement has been growing on strong as it allows for more connection, collaboration and freedom to work from anywhere.

Coworking spaces are popping up like cake shops these days. Well, not exactly like cake shops; nobody can beat that business in Jeddah. Here are a few RAD spaces where you can unleash your creative mind – solo or with other Creatives.

All these coworking spaces are based upon the following values:

Nawa Space:


The “Nawa” means to assist in growth. Nawa Space is a spacious working/events space where you can rent out the space or become a member or even volunteer. The idea behind the space is to encourage more activities in our community and to have a hub of proactive individuals. Nawa Space was brought to life by collaborative efforts from team members, community members and volunteers. Being in the heart of the city, it is easily accessible.

The space offers a wall-to-floor mirrored studio where activities such as aerobics, hip-hop dance classes and fitness sessions take place. As you enter, there’s an open workspace where you can either have study sessions or other group activities. There’s a fully equipped kitchen, gym storage and supplies storage rooms. The place gives you an energetic feel.

Nawa is a space for activities that aims to enrich the well being of people in Jeddah.

Many days and nights have seen amazing stuff happening here. There have been open mic nights, CreativeMornings talk, bookclub sessions, workshops of all kinds, gym classes and event openings. Stay in touch with the Nawa Space community to take part in the events and happenings here.

The space offers:

For bookings and inquiries:

Instagram: nawaspace

Humming Tree


Mariam Hamidaddin of Humming Tree gives us some insight into the world of coworking.

“Starting Humming Tree was a natural progression of the path I was on. I’ve been in love with community, art and well being since I was a teen and the more I experience, the more I realize it’s need and how much I love this. I love supporting peoples dreams and being part of a community that embraces people for who they are.”

On the future of coworking:

“With the rise of digital media, entrepreneurship, self-awareness and people being able to work remotely, I see the need for coworking spaces expanding. There are even movements happening in the West such as co-living. There is a desire for offline meeting points, sharing and simple living.”

The Idea of Humming Tree:

Humming Tree aims to provide a safe space and support system for people in the creative and well being field, where they can network, collaborate, experiment, find inspiration, be productive, be themselves and evolve together.

Change starts the moment you walk into Humming Tree’s doors and see the “welcome home” sign. That sets a vibe and encourages people to be themselves. That, and always starting off with “yes” when hearing an idea and taking it from there. These two things create magic. People have stepped out of their comfort zones, given space to lead, manage and facilitate.

I’ve seen people gain confidence, discover things about themselves they never knew and grow throughout their participation at Humming Tree.

Sustaining a coworking space:

“I think one of the main points is to instill a sense of ownership and belonging in the community. That way there truly is an active level of co-thinking, co-managing, co-creation and more. That and also creating structure, networking, content creation, talent scouting. It’s nonstop but it’s fun and when you see the impact, it keeps you going.”

Spaces include:

For memberships and rentals:

Kayan Studio + Spaces


Kayan is a creative workspace for a growing community of dynamic creatives. Its philosophy is based on its Islamic roots that signify the coordinated function of the hand and arm that connects all elements together to work in unison to function together.

The space also acts as an incubator as initial ideas often struggle to develop and grow. Kayan offers resources, inspiration and collaboration opportunities for like-minded entrepreneurs.

Spatial Design:

The different spaces are designed to meet diverse needs: from fully furnished and serviced offices to shared workspaces, meeting rooms and a multifunctional hall for events.

Transparent room dividers ensure that the entire space is brightly lit. The minimal and white theme has been specifically picked to encourage a friendly, dynamic and energetic environment.

The spaces include:

Book your space now:


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