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Climbers with a Cause: Lynne Fleifel and #Kilimanjaro4Mawaddah

Climbers with a Cause: Lynne Fleifel and #Kilimanjaro4Mawaddah
By Mona Shahab
Lynne Fleifel is a happy mother of a 10-year-old boy and the director of Special Projects in Olayan Financing Company. The purpose of Bait Mawaddah drove her to undertake this challenging climb and she shares with us some of the reflections from her journey
Why join the climb?
I turned forty and decided to be the fittest in my forties. I ran my first 10 K, and wanted to challenge myself further with this climb because I had a feeling it was beyond fitness but I didn’t realize it was going to be the hardest thing I would do in my life. I also believe in the purpose of Bait Mawaddah and wanted to contribute.
What I learned?

1) Mountains are not only bigger than you and me but LARGER than life. If you climb a mountain leave your ego at home because the experience will change you, you will breakdown at some point and that’s ok, this will actually give you strength to pick up and move on.

2) I went up thinking that I would reflect on my life, live in solitude and get some moments of enlightenments. In reality, I thought of nothing I couldn’t think of anything because I was so much in the moment living every minute…every step on that mountain. My reflection came after my decent, as soon as I came back home.

3) People talk about climbing a mountain and neglect to talk about the decent. Which is as hard! 


1) Get fit but I recommend breathing exercises to teach you to better manage altitude symptoms. Most of us don’t know how to breathe properly.

2) Ask for help, you’re more likely to succeed if you do.

You can follow Lynne Fleifel on instagram @lmf100
About the Empowerment HubAbout MawadahHow to donate

The Empowerment Hub’s mission is to revolutionize what women feed their minds and bodies. They aim to strengthen women’s health and fitness awareness in the Kingdom by creating active, social, and educational events. All proceeds goes to different non-profit organizations and charities in Saudi…Fitness4aCause!

Contact info

  • Snapchat: @empowermenthub
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Mawaddah Women Charity based in Saudi Arabia, work closely with children of divorcees, and have taken it upon them to create a safety haven for children of divorcees. Not too long ago, visiting hours took place at police stations. Today, Mawaddah is the legal hub for visits. “Beit Mawaddah” aka “Mawaddah Home” is a safety haven where visiting hours take place; drop offs, pick-ups and more. It’s every child’s right to feel safe with their parent/caregiver, and it’s every parent’s right to know that their child is safe during their absence.

IBAN: SA1905000068201075761000

Toll free: 920011432

Mobile: 0555023371

Landline: 0114542301 ext.31

Fax: 0114534662

Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Ibn Abdullatif Street, Al Mursalat, Riyadh , Saudi Arabia

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