Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Cliff Notes

Cliff Notes

Nature calling and hiking trails.

Saudi has expansive, breathtaking, and cascading landscapes that are perfect for a hike full of adventure and tranquility. But there is a bonus! If you are looking for pitstops to awe at nature’s beauty, or to get the perfect shot for instagram, here are the best trails, with helpful notes to help navigate your next adventure.


Soar through the sky
You can take a cable car and reach the mountain’s finest peak for the  perfect panoramic shot of the majestic highlands.

The majestic Sarawat Mountains
Surrounded by the Red Sea on one side and the Asir, Fifa, and Hijaz mountains on the other, the 360-degree view of the Sarawat mountains in Abha will give you a bird’s eye view of the most picturesque and serene landscapes in the country.


Climb for the view
A hike to the tip of Al Shafa’s Jabal Daka leads to a mystical panoramic view of Al Shafa along with the entire city of Taif.

taif-copyThe inimitable Al Shafa
The highest mountain of Al Shafa is about 20 km from the city of Taif. Jabal Daka’s scenic plant life is appealing to look at with Juniper coniferous trees that begin at the soil and transcend to the tip of the tree. It is a nature lover’s utopia with local flora and fauna that is unique to this region.

al-bahaAL BAHA

Witness the Mountains echo
Stand among the clouds atop the mountain for a view of the beautiful highlands of the Al Baha region.

Forest living in Raghadan
Located in Al Baha, the stunning Raghadan forest is known for its picturesque views and verdant surroundings. As you hike up the trails towards the peak, you can see peeping baboons causing a spectacle. Raghadan Forest Park is also famous for its waterfalls and juniper

The stunning elevations of Shada Mountain
One of the most naturally abundant reserves in the country is the Shada Mountain. Hike your way through the gravelly paths that give you the best sights the country has to offer. In addition, the reserve is home to natural caves with engravings and traces of early civilizations.

Wadi Hanifa River, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Wadi Hanifa River, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Spot the galaxy
The vast open landscape is the perfect spot for stargazing, so escape the bustle of the city and take your telescope to look beyond the horizon.

Under the Moon Mountain
Hike your way up to the aptly named mountain that camouflages you from the world. Located 45 minutes away in northern Jeddah, the Moon Mountain allows campers to enjoy a weekend getaway underneath the Jeddawi stars, hiking and camping the night away.

mountains of Arabian landscapes
mountains of Arabian landscapes


For the love of Nature
Wadi Hanifa is surrounded by green pathways, lakes, and spots for people to relish the jaw-dropping landscapes of farmlands and blossoms, perfect for a picnic.

Wadi chilling
Wadi Hanifa is a valley in the Riyadh Province, in central Saudi. The valley runs for a length of 120 km from the northwest to the southeast, cutting through the capital, Riyadh. A string of towns and villages lie along the valley, including Uyaynah, Irqah, and Diriyah.


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