Careers That Became So Commonly Trendy, We Wish They Didn't.

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For some reason, probably online classes and tutorials, a lot of amateurs are venturing into certain fields of work and making certain jobs so mainstream that they actually give the professionals a bad name.

Here are a few:


With the advance in technology and smart phones, everyone pretty much just snaps a picture, adds on filters then uploads it with a “my photography” hashtag.

According to a 2014 research on “more than 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook each day; Instagram gets 27,800 pictures a minute; in total, one analyst reckons, we now upload and share 1.8 billion images each day.”

Of course there are others who take a course or two and come out thinking they are the next Yousuf Karsh or Henri Cartier-Bresson. But someone who wants to pave his or her path into photography doesn’t only need to possess real talent but to also keep in mind everything they learnt or need to learn. (Managing lighting and tripods counts)

They should feel no shame in asking for help and never think they are above getting instructions from others. An impressive portfolio will also go a long way.

P.s. taking pictures of your food doesn’t make you an expert on food photography.

Graphic Designers

So you are a creative person who knows how to dabble on Photoshop? But is that enough to become a graphic designer? Graphic design is a highly competitive field, so if you decide to venture into it you gotta have that kick that differentiates you from all the others out there. These are no longer your primary school glitter projects or the postcards you made your granny.

Definitely pursue an official education when it comes to design and take as many courses as possible to polish your skill.

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Make Up Artists

People think if they buy the trolley make up case they immediately turn into a make up guru. With all the contouring Youtube videos, everyone seems to be giving off a Kardashian vibe.

Don’t get us wrong; we understand how make up is important in accentuating the most beautiful facial features. However, not everyone you meet should be called a makeup “artist.” It’s ok to take that up as a hobby, to help out your friends at parties with a dash of color. You don’t have to put “make up artist” on your Instagram description.

If you do want to become a real life make up artist then learn from the professionals, attend training and always practice. It is not enough to know what colors match each skin tone; you have got to acquire the techniques.


So many model wannabes out there –yet another Western impact- girls (and guys too) standing with their backs to the walls putting on their serious faces trying to make a name for themselves in the modeling business. Not to mention those editing their pictures with black and white filters thinking that this is a closer step to a runway.

Will squinting your eyes, doing the duck face or the gaping fish get you a modeling gig? Well, who knows? But the most important thing is to stay true to yourself and not to jeopardize your own health. People tend to obsess over being skinny and disregard their own well-being.

Also, please remember to be nice. Just because you are an aspiring model or even an established one doesn’t mean you have to follow the stereotypical image of being a “mean girl” or “the beauty over brains” notion which is so faulty we can’t even…

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A podcast is a program (as of music or talk) made available in digital format for automatic download. The question that arises here is whether all those so-called podcasters have something worth saying. Sure some podcasts are fun or informative, but a lot of the materials found online seem to be the result of boredom.


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We are sure that there a lot more careers that have become mainstream, so please share your experiences with the wannabes vs. the real-zees.

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