Care For Your Daughters

Learn from the Prophet (PBUH).

All throughout the eons, having many daughters is often considered as taboo and history relates to us the innumerable ways in which daughters and women have been exploited in the world.

  • In the times of Jahiliyya, Arabs would bury their newborn daughters alive.

  • Today, you still hear stories of women who undergo abortion if the ultra sound detects a female fetus. (Note: Steps are being made to prevent this)

  • In some rural areas, parents who have many daughters sell them off illegally.

Sayyidina Abu Saeed Khudri (RA) reported that Allah’s Messenger said,

‘If anyone has three daughters or three sisters, or two daughters or two sisters and he looks after them well, fearing Allah in this regard then for him is paradise.’ [Tirmidhi 1997]

The hadith applies to both parents and although it states three sisters or three daughters, it also applies to those who have more or less, as clarified in other narrations of this hadith. This hadith shows virtue and importance of caring for your daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts, etc.

How Did the Prophet (PBUH) Treat His Daughters?

  1. He called them to Islam in the best manner, out of compassion towards them.

  2. He took care of them when they were sick, even at the most difficult times.

  3. He would welcome them warmly.

  4. He would confide his secrets to them.

  5. He would say things to make them happy.

  6. He enjoined them to observe hijab and wear conservative clothing.

  7. He took part in the ‘aqeeqah of his daughters’ children.

  8. The Prophet’s care for his daughters continued even after they died. This is represented in his concern about their washing, and his giving one of his garments for shrouding one of them.

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