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DKSA’s top picks for pick-me-ups this season.

The last few years in Riyadh saw an abundance of new coffee shops, serving as a social nexus for people to hang out and spend time together. Here are DKSA’s top picks and must-try coffee shops this season:



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Elixir Bunn
Aside from their intricately selected specialty coffee, Elixir Bunn focused on having an exquisite minimalist approach to their interior design. Successfully so that they clinched the Restaurants and Bar design Award in 2020. Their granite floors and the wooden coffee bar and tables make for a very aesthetically pleasing
coffee shop.

Location:  King Faisal St., Riyadh
Tel:   920013926 Ext: 104
Instagram:  elixirbunn



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Kanakah Café
A beautiful cafe with a rustic design in the heart of Riyadh. The coffee shop is designed to ensure a high level of coziness and eye-catching decorations. It has a soft color pallete and utilizes old vintage elements to push the rustic look further. It is a perfect place to work, study, or even have a coffee on your own.

Location: King Abdul Aziz Branch Rd, Alyasmin, Riyadh



Sentio Cafe
Open 24 hours, Sentio is the perfect place for the night owls of Riyadh. There’s something meditative about driving through an empty city to get a cup of coffee while the world sleeps. The colorful coffee shop has a fun interior and a vast outdoor seating area worth witnessing when still in daylight.

Location:  Al Olaya, Riyadh

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