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Things You Need To Know About Caffeine Free Edibles

Things You Need To Know About Caffeine Free Edibles

By Amal Al Toaimi

Caffeine-free edibles; fueling and sustaining you.

To all coffee lovers out there who need the morning dose of coffee to function, guess what? You can actually substitute that caffeine for different food combinations; giving you ample energy to keep you going for the day.

According to Ashley Koff, RD, a dietitian in Washington DC, “Our energy crisis and subsequent reliance on caffeine actually has a lot to do with our nutrition.” After working with thousands of patients, she concluded that energy is a result of the type of nutrients you eat, and not from caffeine. As the caffeine energy boost will eventually wear off.

Having a combination of healthy carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats in one snack/meal, is most likely to give you a long lasting energy burst.

Below are five different food combinations that can help you with beating that afternoon slump.


Apple, Cinnamon and Almonds

Apples are known to be quick energy fixes because of their natural carbs and sugar. Cinnamon can be sprinkled to stabilize blood sugar, and almonds a healthy fat which will prolong your satisfaction and make you fuller. Pair them together and you are bound to feel livelier and prolong your hunger pangs.

Banana, Nut Butter and Cacao

Bananas are a great source of healthy carbs and potassium; important for hydration, thus an energy booster. The nut butter is a healthy combo of fat and protein, and the cacao give you that chocolaty flavor to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Whole Wheat Tortilla, Nut Butter and Ginger

The tortilla is a healthy carb which will sustain your energy, in addition to the healthy combo of fat and protein from the nut butter. Ginger can be added as a heating spice as it is a natural stimulant for good digestion.

Eggs, Spinach, ½ Avocado and Berries

Eggs are rich in protein, combined with the healthy carbs of spinach and berries, with good fat (avocado), this combo will definitely give you a lasting gush of energy.

Hummus, Broccoli Leaf and Nuts

Hummus is a good source of healthy carbs and protein; the veggies will give you additional energy and the nuts will give you the satisfying serving of healthy fats.


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