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Building Inner-motivation For Working Out

By Anaa Mansouri

Steps for completing a workout in the comfort of your home.

The one question we ask, when it comes to lifestyle is: how can I motivate myself to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle at home? As a mom in Saudi with a restricted budget, time and transportation, this skill proves to be invaluable. Also, it’s Ramadan and we need all the help and inspiration we can get.

So, here are a series of steps that might inspire you internally to move:

  1. Make it easy. Sean Foy ‘s “The 10 minute total body breakthrough” advocates for ten-minute sessions, four to five times a week, to maintain a baseline of health. A little goes a long way and it is a manageable goal when fasting.9780761154198

  1. Make it simple. The book also encourages four minutes of cardio, three minutes of strength training, two minutes of core and a minute of stretching. You can simplify that further and just do ten minutes of cardio or ten minutes of core; whatever feels right for your body. In Ramadan, consider less core work since we cannot hydrate during the day.

  1. Listen to your body. Practice how to move; listen to your body, some days it will say let’s stretch, some days it will say let’s strengthen our core. Flowing with your body reduces injuries.

  1. Speaking of injuries, learn self-massage techniques for when you have muscle tension and need some R&R time.

  1. Make it routine. Find out when is the best time for YOU to work out and create a ritual out of it. In Ramadan, you may find even ten minutes while fasting is difficult, so shift that to after breaking the fast.

  1. The Internet is your best friend. Google search burst training, Dr. Mercola and Dr. Axe to name a few, and see how to workout in shorter intervals. The Internet has a plethora of online fitness studios; for free or for a minimal fee, like $10 a month, giving unlimited access.

homeworkoutTip: Check out as it offers ways to do movements with no or very little equipment and it remedies our desk job sedentary lifestyle oh so well. It’s also cheaper then any online or local gym.

Anaa Mansouri is a movement-lover but not a personal trainer or a doctor. This article gives suggestions; please consider working with a trainer or doctor to tailor any workout you do to your body’s specific needs and challenges.

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