Brinker Bakery

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By Sumaiyya Naseem

Literally tucked away next to Starbucks, this German bakery is Jeddah’s upcoming hotspot for the oven fresh! Around 70 baked goodies can be found at Brinker.

There’s no catch – in fact, they come highly recommended for the health conscious and diabetic by Mr. Brinker himself. Don’t forget to try out their cronuts and high fibre rolls. Other items include croissants, pretzel pastries and all kinds of breads. Rumor has it Brinker’s ready to bake retail products will be available at supermarkets in the future.

t2Juice Master is coming to Jeddah by the end of this month and is opening two branches on:
• Battarjee Street
• The walkway in Tahlia (Majra Al Sail)

Juice Master is not just a juice bar; they provide an education on changing your lifestyle to be healthier. All juices are fresh and made on the spot with no sugar or preservatives added. They even have detox plans, so stay tuned!

Location: Palestine Street
Instagram: brinkerksa

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