Breeze Through History at Al Balad

A visit to Jeddah without touring the iconic Al Balad is incomplete, winter with its calm weather is perfect for walking about and exploring the beautiful neighborhood’s nook and crannies – which each crevice brimming with red sea architecture and local eats.

Shop at the ever-bustling Souq Al Alawi to find yourself some local souvenirs. Al Balad paints a kaleidoscope of the country’s past and present.

Jeddah Old City Buildings and Streets, Saudi Arabia

Jeddah Old City Buildings and Streets, Saudi Arabia

Balad also offers a wide range of local snacking opportunities, from delicious Kebdah fresh liver marinated and cooked in local spices, served as a sandwich in Samouli (local bread), or on its own in a plate to Balila boiled chickpeas topped with torshi (pickles) vinegar and Shattah (hot sauce) and how can we forget Motabag dough filled with either savory or sweet filling that are square pockets of absolute deliciousness. Quench your thirst by trying local hot beverages like Hot Tea with Mint and Karak (local spiced milk tea), quite popularly found In Al Balad district.jeddah_balad-cafe

Explore the beautiful artwork at the local galleries in Al Balad, to relish local and international art visit Art Academy Binjabi in Alrashayda house, Binjabi Atelier next to Bait Nassif, Aljudrania – Jeddah Our days of bliss gallery in Baeshn house and Dr.Ibrahim Alhamr atelier that displays special art on palm leaves.

jeddah_nassif-houseHouse Calls: Explore The Beautiful House Museums In Balad

  • Bait Nassif
    An epitome of Hijazi architecture, the Bait (House) Nassif is a traditional house turned into a museum; it now houses must-see local heirlooms and artifacts.
  • Bait Al Balad
    An iconic Balad staple, the Bait Al Balad, is a local house turned into a museum filled with local art, ancient artifacts, and traditional treasures.
  • Bait Matbouli
    In the mysterious lanes of Al Balad is the hidden Bait Matbouli filled with exhibits ranging from everyday items and other eccentric displays showcasing the old Baladi lifestyle.dsc_6120

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