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Braving the Wilderness: Ahmed Bagader

Image courtesy: Ahmed Bagader

An adventurer and mountaineer by passion who backpacks and camps along trails, connecting with nature with a side of s’mores!

Ahmed Bagader has stood atop mountain summits, enjoyed sunsets on cliffs, slept with the caves as his headboard. He was first drawn to the great outdoors when he returned to Saudi after graduating from the US. “A fortunate shift happened in me when I accompanied my friends on a trip – I was an instant adventurer and camping enthusiast, and it changed my life. The best night’s sleep I ever had is while camping beside a lake on one of our excursions.”Ahmed has yearly rituals, his winter escape is the Ibrahim Mountains in the west of Saudi, and during summers, he heads to Tanomah, southwest of Saudi.

He is hoping to explore more of Najran and camp in its historically rich surroundings.

Ahmed has experienced camping in all sorts of landscapes, but mountains are his favorite.

He shared, “Mountains are not only lofty and nearer to heaven, but are also less accessible and more secluded. It’s not a coincidence that in the lives of the prophets of Islam, mountains particularly became the places of meditation and revelation.”

Instagram: Qimmamclub

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