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Discover and Enjoy Jeddah by taking a tour through the city

Aabiya Noman Baqai

Writer and Editor at Destination Jeddah


If you want a tour around Jeddah, getting to know the heritage, the Red Sea and all the awesomeness that envelopes this beautiful city, then you should try to sign up for the following city tours:

Ahlam Groups Tourism:

Their tours include sea trips on boats, diving and scuba diving spots, and island tours.


Tel: +966 11 4209590
Web: alahlam-marine.com

Sad As-Samalqi Tourism Company:

It usual tours include historical and archeological sites.


Tel: +966 12 6640638, +966 505725485
Web: samallaghi.com
Email: mostfaaa@samalleghi.com

Deira Tour Operators:

Their tours include cruises, inland and desert trips, safaris, and trips to historical and archeological sites. They also cover tourism festivals and events.


Tel: +966 11 26638941, +966 566688161
Email: hashem@deira.com.sa

Al Shitaiwi Tours:

These tours include full country adventure tours that stop over at all main cities in the Kingdom, including Jeddah,  and incorporate adventurous desert trips in each city, all in 14 days. Lastly, some of their tours cover both Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries, reaching Jordan.


Tel: +966 12 2711770, +966 12 6794022
Email: admin@alshitaiwitours.com
Web: alshitaiwitours.com

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