Best Riyadh Excuses for Falling Asleep at Work

I was up all night waiting for the news to proclaim it was a holiday. But then it wasn’t, so. It’s their fault.
I drank cough medicine instead of my juice this morning and I’m susceptible to side effects. All of them.
I’m not sleeping, this is just my screensaver hologram.

A djinni took over my body and made it sleep.
I was up all night backing up my brain and now I’m waiting till it restores.
My brain was just hit by a gamma ray and now it weighs a ton. I can’t move it anywhere for the next thirty minutes.


I’m color-blind and I took Panadol Night instead of Panadol Flu by accident.
I was up all night fighting crime because… I’m Batman. Surprise!
My cat slept on my face. All. Night. Long.


My doctor prescribed ten-minute power naps for my health every ten minutes. Sorry, doctor’s orders.
A copy of Harry Potter glued itself to my hand just as I was going to bed and I couldn’t unstick it until I’ve read through all the chapters. Honest. It was magic.
I’m actually a humanoid, and someone just flicked my off button by accident.


I vacated my body to travel back in time and convince my younger self to become a professional food tester instead.
I was testing my telekinetic powers. Look, the cursor just blinked. It works!
It was Black Friday yesterday, and Barnes and Nobles had a sale…!
Alhilal and Alnasr were on last night and I got stuck in the post-game traffic till dawn.


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