Bedazzled by Lamb and Lu at the Four Spa Riyadh

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By Jou Pabalate and Johara Al Mogbel
It’s always awe inspiring to come across young Saudi entrepreneurs who are able to come up with a classy event that adds flavor to Riyadh scene.

The ladies behind Lamb and Lu are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. What we find impressive is knowing that these women are still in University but have managed to build a proper and credible jewelry business. More so, the exclusive press event was well thought of and no detail was too small.

As their well-made website says, Lamb & Lu is a carefully curated pop-up boutique and online jewelry platform. Founded by two long-term friends who share a mutual love for fine jewelry, Lamb & Lu celebrates personal connections by introducing this new approach to jewelry retail.

They house a number of local, regional, and international fine jewelry designers. Making everyday jewelry widely available within the GCC. We were delighted to find out that they have partnered with Saudi jewelry designers as well, being a retailer for Melanic Jewelry from Al Khobar and Lilian Ismail from Jeddah.

The jewelry itself is easy to fall in love with. They’re simple and for everyday wear, something you can put on and never take off. The brand selection shows discerning taste with designs both whimsical, wearable and well-made. DR loved the Gienmi star-moon ring and the Smith and Mara big dipper ear cuff.

The event held at Four Spa is definitely an indication that Lamb and Lu is an enterprise to look out for. The execution was flawless and we can easily say that it’s one of the funnest and relaxing nights we’ve had in the city.

Four Spa was the perfect venue, we’ve always loved this place with their amazing services and chill ambience at the Diplomatic Quarters. We felt pampered and loved!

The whole press event was tied together in a bow through the help of wonderful sponsors. Mint design studio by Hanin Al Oufi showcased her artisan concrete chairs and sophisticated décor (and yes we fell in love with them!). The goodie bag was definitely a cherry on top with granola bars from Buy and Glow, chocolates from Raffino, nail polish from Essie.

Needless to say we enjoyed every minute of this event and can’t wait to see what Lamb & Lu will come up with next.

Website: Lamb and Lu

Instagram/twitter: @lambandlu

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