Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Beach Stays & Eats Obhur

Beach Stays & Eats Obhur

Along with psummerublic resorts, Obhur has several private resorts that offer an extraordinary family beach mini-break. There are copious resorts around Obhur where you can spend the entire weekend in a seaside villa.

Private Resorts
Requires Membership

Oia Resort

Sourced Photos
Sourced Photos

This Greek-style modern boutique beach club with its whitewashed architecture the dazzling stone houses with white walls, blue domes, and wooden doors, sits overlooking the shimmering Obhur beach and azure sea.

Location: Prince Abdullah Al Faisal St.
Mob: +966-12-2133336
Instagram: oiabeach


Indigo is sure to give you the perfect retreat with its luxury holiday apartments and villas harboring glorious sea views. This beach resort gives you the feeling of being in Bali with its lavish ambience, waterfalls, infinity pools, and spas. Water sports are also available on site.

Location: Al Zumorrud Prince Abdullah Al Faisal St.
Tel: +966-12-2344624

Boho Beach

Boho Beach is where freedom, peace, and happiness are in abundance. You can avail of villas, one bedroom apartments, studios and locker memberships.  They also hosts a number of ticketed events that grant you day or night time access.

Location: 7754 Abhar, Az Zomorod Dist., Obhur
Instagram: bohothebeach

Public Resorts
No Membership Required

Sourced Photos
Sourced Photos

Durrah Beach

This humble abode is a part of the Durrat Al Arus, an integrated tourist city popular among locals.
Amenities include units, bungalows, and suites, health club, equestrian club, and a riding Academy. This is a good place if you’re in a group with a certain budget.

Location: Dahban
Tel: 920008211
Instagram: durrah_beach_resort

Resort and Spa

Tucked away in North Obhur, Narcissus Resort and Spa offers spectacular views of the Red Sea. The resort provides a haven of serenity, peace, and relaxation at one of the best beachfront locations in the city.

Location: Prince Abdullah Al Faisal St., Obhur
Instagram: narcissushotel

Makarem Annakheel Village

Family friendly stay by the sea with spacious hotel rooms, a private beach, an outdoor pool and 2 restaurants.

Location: Prince Abdullah Al Faisal Branch, Obhur Al-Shamaliyah Dist.
Tel: +966-12-6562101

Al Murjan Beach Resort:

Beachfront accommodation popular for cycling and fishing.

Location: Obhur Al-Shamaliyah Dist.
Mob: +966-544544569

FAL Resort and Beach

Sourced Photos
Sourced Photos

This great beach is the chosen site where Jeddah Season will be holding their free diving tournament.

Location: Prince Abdullah AlFaisal St, Obhur Al-Shamaliyah Dist.
Tel: +966-12-6560033

All Female Private Beach!
Noon Beach

Noon Beach is a unique experience because of the services they provide. They even have spa services by the beach. Tan and get a massage!

Timing: 10am – 6pm
Mob.: +966-531130456
Location: Obhur Al-Shamaliyah Dist.
Instagram: noon.beach


For a tasteful experience at the bay, drop in on one of these restaurants to satisfy your cravings:

Sourced Photos
Sourced Photos

Tasty Local Picks


This places serves up the tastiest soufle in Jeddah. Gooey chocolate comes pouring out the minute you dig your spoon into it.

Location: Corniche Rd., South Obhur
Mob: +966-540202424

Masoub Al Qadry

This place serves fresh out of the oven tamees and the most delicious fava beans (ful), or try the lentils (addas) along with other local delicacies. Expect a crowd in the mornings.

Location: Corniche Rd., South Obhur
Mob: +966-595102425


Cuisine: Greek
Located by the beach lounge in Obur, Gaia will provide a full Mediterranean experience with its Greek cuisine embodying a modern palate including a captivating charm

Timing: 4 PM – 12 AM
Location: Abhur Al Junoobiyah
Mob: +966-535068706

Sourced Photos
Sourced Photos


Cuisine: International
A Saudi drifting eatery marvel that sails through the Red Sea, offering scenic beauty along with excellent cuisine. This floating restaurant can host a buffet of 150 people along with cruising facilities.

Mob: +966-534660099
Instagram: alahlamtg


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