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Bathra Mountain Adventure

Bathra Mountain Adventure
By Zareen Muzaffar

Arabian Treks recently organized a trip called the Bathra Mountain Adventure. As the name suggests, the plan was to reach the peak of Bathra Mountain.

A group of adventurous Saudis recently organized a 3-day mountaineering trip to climb the mount of Bathra, which is part of the Sarawat Mountain range in the Bani Malik region, 167 kilometers south of Taif. It is the habitat of the Arabian leopard and there have been numerous sightings of the critically endangered species.

b2b3During this adventure, participants were able to develop survival skills, manage resources and utilize the food and water for the three days it took to reach the top of the mountain. They had to explore the surrounding environment and search for water resources, develop hunting skills for food and find a secure accommodation for the team in a temperature of 18C in morning and 3C at night.


b4Bathra Mountain, situated 2,400 meters above sea level, is a sight to see. It is regarded as one of the major tourist attractions and historic places of the region. The mountaineering team climbed along rough tracks and crossed several valleys before reaching the top. There has been a growing interest in outdoor activities among Saudi youth as it lets them enjoy nature’s beauty, face challenges, develop leadership and foster teamwork.

The health benefits of such challenging adventures include decreased hypertension, weight loss and improved mental health. The team has a new aim, which is to identify the local challenging summits here in Saudi Arabia.

One of the many beautiful sights to see.

About Arabian Treks Arabian Treks is a group of Saudi adventurers with the passion to explore the great outdoors. They provide specialized adventurous experiences for those who are interested in exciting outdoor activities.


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