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Back to School Dos and Don’ts

Back to School Dos and Don’ts
By Aabiya Noman Baqai

It seems like only yesterday when children around the kingdom were looking forward to their summer holidays and were making lists of what they want to do this summer.

However, this holiday like all others has come to an end and the streets are bustling with students wearing their shiny backpacks, ready to learn and develop their skills.

It is important to make the most of these school days and by following some of these dos and don’ts, you can make it happen.

The Dos:

1. Be Enthusiastic
One of the most successful ways of truly gaining the most out of school is being enthusiastic. In the beginning of the school year, try to be as involved in many things as possible; participate in classes, join extra-curricular activities, assist teachers etc. During the end of the year, it’s harder to be involved because of the amount of homework and tests that pile up; this is why you need to start from the beginning. Not only will this keep you excited for school but also add up to your skills when you eventually move onto university or a job.
2. Manage Your Time
Sometimes getting involved in a lot of activities can become overwhelming midway so it’s always necessary to keep a schedule and abide by it. List all the things you need to accomplish on a daily basis and check whatever you have done so you get an idea about how much you can handle. It’ll be a lot of trial and error but in the end you’ll know how much you can deal with on your plate.
3. Ask Questions
We’ve all done this where we don’t understand something and we let it go either because we don’t want to sound stupid or we’re too lazy to ask. That is not the way to learn. Ask as many questions as you have to! Teachers love it when students ask questions because it tells them you are making a genuine effort to understand. This doesn’t mean you ask whatever comes to mind, first figure out whether you can solve it on your own, if not, then ask. You’ll be doing yourself and your classmates a favor. They’re probably thinking the same thing you are.
4. Make New Friends
Every single individual who has finished school or university looks back and considers the friends made during those times some of their closest friends. This is the time for you to build long-lasting friendships and genuinely get to know people. Try to strike conversations with as many people as possible, learn about them, tell them about yourself etc. Step outside your comfort bubble and talk to people from different classes and sections. The more people you interact with, the more you learn and the easier it becomes for you to deal with people in the professional world later. Take out some time to hang out with friends, participate in fun activities etc. In this age of ‘online’ friends is taking away from real human interaction so utilize your school time and develop genuine friends.
5. Enjoy!
School is meant to be a combination of ups and downs, the key is to make the most of all the moments. Yes, some days might feel like a drag but they shall pass. Relax and don’t stress about anything. Do everything within your capacity and enjoy your classes, even your homework. Learning different courses may be difficult but it’s a lot of fun if you’re mindset is correct. Try to make the studying process fun for yourself and friends. Recess doesn’t have to be the only time you have a good time.

The Don’ts:

1. Don’t Skip the First Day/Week
I know it may seem extremely tempting to not attend the first day or week because things are still settling down at school which means that some teachers might not come the first week. If you go the first week, you can fix your routine so your body gets used to waking up early by the second week and absorb information. You can even catch up with friends in those extended breaks. Also, for the teachers who do start the very first day, you’ll be making a good first impression on them by showing up. Your attendance won’t be cut. Some teachers even give bonuses to students who attend the first day so grasp these opportunities.
2. Don’t Over-Expect
All new school goers and even returning students start each semester with high expectations. Don’t expect too high, you’ll still have some teachers you won’t get along with, you’ll still have work you don’t want to do and you’ll still have classmates who annoy you to no end. The point is to change your attitude and take positively from these experiences rather than dwelling on all the things wrong with your school and how you can’t grow there. Appreciate what you have and you’ll automatically start liking your school.
3. Don’t Over-Spend on Supplies
Unless and until you need certain supplies for specific classes, don’t waste a lot of time and money on getting useless supplies. You won’t use more than half of those extra colorful post-its, glitter pens and 3 pencil cases. You’ll also lose the other half by the end of the year. Save up the money and use it to buy something bigger that you can use for a longer time such as a bike or skateboard. You’ll have more fun riding that new bike than you will using 4 different pens for your homework.
4. Don’t Waste Time On Your Phone
Going back to school does not mean more time for you to use your phone during class. Pay attention, it’ll only help you later for exams. Avoid using your phone during breaks as well. Involve yourself in physical activities and games with your friends. Talk to them. You’ve been texting them the entire summer, now you’re finally with them so don’t ignore them. As clichéd as it may sound, live in the moment.
5. Don’t Stress Out
Related to the last point in the ‘Dos’ section, do not stress out about anything. Yes school can be overwhelming but you will definitely never be challenged beyond your capacity. Ask for help if you think you can’t handle it. Discipline yourself with your work so the laziness doesn’t cause regrets later. Stress reduces productivity and affects the health so go into school with a positive mindset ready to learn new things!

Just remember that school days are the most memorable days of your life. Though you may not feel that way now, after you graduate from school you’ll realize this.


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