Awesome Twosome: Jovia

Find out how these family units rock the business world A strong family relationship provides a building block for a home.  Imagine what that can do in a business?

Relation: Spouses
Names: Hasibah Alaskandarani & Mohammed Dossary
Business: Jovia

Hasibah Alaskandarani and Mohammed Dossary, are linked together by marriage and entrepreneurship. The couple co-founded their business, Jovia, back in July 2018, the first licensed coworking space, a business incubator, and accelerator by Monshaat in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, in the city of Khobar. Jovia is about building and maintaining a strong community in a productive and fun environment.

The couple chose this career path together after realizing their passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. “We understood the needs and challenges that entrepreneurs and startups face. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to help them by providing an energetic, inspirational, and fun environment to motivate them to have their first step in the entrepreneurship journey.”

When asked about the challenges of working together, the couple mentioned decision-making. “We have different views and opinions. Nonetheless, we try avoiding any tension by dividing responsibilities and taking the time to listen and understand each other’s points. After all, both of us are working towards the same goal.”

As the couple mentioned, the secret to their success as a pair has been through organization and communication. They have three main priorities and reminders that keep them focused and on the right track. The first is assigning and delegating tasks based on each of their strengths and weaknesses. The second is remembering they are both passionate about the field and genuinely enjoy the work they do. The third is open communication and learning to separate their work from family.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” Hasibah and Mohammed referred to this quote because they both understand that without each other they would not succeed in this endeavor. They work well together and believe that each one has an important role to play in their space. “We are like salt and pepper.”

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