Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Award-Winning Shang Palace Enters the Vibrant Jeddah Dining Scene

Award-Winning Shang Palace Enters the Vibrant Jeddah Dining Scene

The specialty restaurant arrives in the Kingdom bringing soulful, modern Chinese cuisine and master mixology into the city.

Jeddah is the chosen destination for the first Shang Palace restaurant in Saudi Arabia, joining a roster of 38 award-winning venues across the globe. The new venue combines traditional techniques with new generation energy and creativity to deliver the best Chinese food in the city and an experience like no other.


Designed to feel like a sophisticated Chinese home, the décor infuses traditional Chinese motifs and Arabesque patterns, creating a see-and-be-seen space inspired by courtyard siheyuan houses where the service and ambiance are as exciting as the food.

Shang Palace takes diners on a multi-sensory journey through Sichuan, Yunnan, and Cantonese cuisines. Guests can enjoy a curated sound experience of the pinnacle of Asian heartfelt hospitality, whilst they indulge in an unforgettable Chinese meal.


Set to become one of the restaurant’s key highlights, the crispy-skin Peking duck is roasted over fragrant plum wood chips in a glass-encased oven, one of the venue’s key aesthetic focal points. Other signature dishes include the colorful Wagyu Pastry Puff Dim Sums, Shang Palace Signature Camel Xiao Long Bao, Crispy Black Truffle Spring Rolls, the BBQ Lamb Ribs and many more.


Shang Palace’s talented culinary team hails primarily from across China, bringing with them a wealth of experience, techniques, and skills. The team is helmed by Executive Chef Keith Yeap, the Malaysian Chinese national who boasts a distinguished career that includes several leading Chinese restaurants across Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Macau, and Phnom Penh.


“My cooking philosophy includes instilling innovation and passion into every dish,” said Chef Keith. “The Shang Palace Jeddah experience will bring a unique and fresh experience into the city presenting a variety of bold dishes and a relentless high standard for quality ingredients and heartfelt hospitality.”


The Restaurant’s General Manager and Award-Winning Mixologist, Sanjin Dilaver, along with his team are always on hand to shake things up through the unique selection of zero-proof cocktails served at your table or at the bar whilst enjoying magical views of the Red Sea.

Asian-inspired mocktails featuring innovative presentations to delight the eyes as well as the tastebuds include The Forbidden Pearl and Lost in Time amongst one of Jeddah’s most inventive drinks menu.


“It is the perfect time to enter the growing and vibrant Jeddah dining scene with the Shang Palace brand,” says Dilaver. “We hope that guests will enjoy not only our unique food and beverage experience, and the stunning environment, but also an unforgettable journey that reflects the vitality and energy of this city”.


Alongside Chef Keith, the passionate duo plan to successfully position Shang Palace as the Kingdom’s most sought-after Chinese restaurant.


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