Automating with AutoJak

A fleet management service and tailored-maintenance program

By Aabiya Baqai

Officially launched on March 7 at the Big 5 Exhibition, AutoJak is a business-to-business mobile automotive maintenance service, and the first of its kind in the Kingdom “It is the first of its kind in terms of execution, quality and safety. Unlike AutoJak, many existing mobile workshops are very hazardous and inconvenient for the limited number of services they offer.”

AutoJak was a result of the managing partners brainstorming business ideas one Saturday evening. “We came across many, which wouldn’t work for several reasons, so we basically just gave up and continued eating. My partner started complaining about having to take his car for servicing, resulting in an “ahaa!” moment. We started realizing that going to the service center all the time for simple things was a hassle when all of it could be done at home, work or wherever we want. That’s how AutoJak came to life.”

Though a brilliant idea, AutoJak wasn’t short of facing some pressing challenges.
“It was quite difficult to find machinery that was made to fit in our vans; time after time we were faced with obstacles and dead ends while trying to make room for the equipment available in the Saudi market. Nevertheless, we kept on pursuing our dream until we finally landed on the perfect forging supplier that not only had the complete equipment for our services but also the best solution for engineering our van of interest.”

AutoJak offers preventative maintenance services such as:

  • Oil change and oil filter change.
  • Tire change and tire rotation.
  • Wheel balancing.
  • Wheel alignment.
  • Battery inspection and battery change.

Soon they plan on offering computer diagnostic services in order to spot future malfunctions before they actually happen, as well as roadside assistance.

Simple Car Hacks

  • Check your tires regularly and never use an impact wrench (drill) to fix your tire bolts after a wheel change; always have your mechanic use a torque wrench and do them up manually as there is a specified torque for these bolts, and an impact wrench exceeds the torque specification.
  • Don’t always run your oil on its maximum mileage. For example, if it is oil specified for 10,000 kilometers, change it at 8,000 kilometers due to the extreme heat and humidity in our environment.
  • Inspect your batteries regularly to avoid being stranded on the road.

Contact Information:
Mob: +966-544840667

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