Movie Review: Baby Driver & Dunkirk

An Insight Into Two Genres.

Being the millennial that I am, I have watched pretty much every movie that came out this year, and hands down Baby Driver takes the lead. After going through massive loads of movies, I can with complete confidence say that Baby Driver is one to watch. It is a movie about a young man named Baby who faced a traumatizing experience as a child that messed up his ear drum. To numb out the ringing in his ear, Baby constantly listens to music. Not only does Baby, played by Ansel Elgort, jam out to the sickest classics of the 1900’s, but he is a phenomenal driver that is used in several heists that force him to meet “the bad guys”. Wanting to get out of the heist business, Baby meets the love of his life and the death of his career. The soundtrack to the movie is Baby’s life soundtrack, and we see how that unfolds throughout the movie. Edgar Wright, the director, completely knocked this one out of the park and made a home run with rotten tomatoes as the movie scored a 94%. This movie is a definite recommendation to all those who look for romance, action, great music, and comedy within a movie.

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However, if you are looking for a movie to make shivers run down your spine, then Dunkirk is the one for you! A war enthusiast and all about cinematic experiences? Do not hesitate as Dunkirk goes beyond expectations. The movie takes place during World War 2 at Dunkirk where the French and British troops are trapped between the beach and the sea, as constant bombs descend from above courtesy of the German army. The movie displays a side of soldiers that we viewers don’t really see in other movies, desperation. Dunkirk shows what the soldiers who were recruited by force are willing to do to get back home. However, home is the one that comes back for them. A truly heart-wrenching movie about how boys were forced to be men due to the situation they were in.