Nakhati: Beyond Gelato

Purpose-driven brand spreads good vibes one scoop at a time.

In a city that’s experiencing a scorching summer yet again, we always welcome the arrival of a new Gelato place to cool us down. Nakhati, as its name translates from Arabic, is a house of flavors that give us just that and more. You may come through its doors for its handcrafted delights, but trust us, you’ll leave feeling inspired and empowered.


Kerten Hospitality, which themselves are industry rebels with a cause, introduces Nakhati in Riyadh as a premium gelato brand with a purpose as part of their ESG program. Each cup, cone, or bun [wink, wink] does give joy, but more importantly, this is more than a shop— it is an empowerment hub, a haven for the creative collective, and proof that doing good is good business.


At the helm of Nakhati’s innovative happy kitchen is Saudi foodpreneur, Chef Iman Fattalah, whose energy and love for what she does simply flows into the conversation, her passion contagious.



Chef Iman is a living story of what is possible when passion and grit to pursue one’s dreams collide. She left a corporate job to go after her love of food and one day be able to work in the industry. It was an interesting journey that took her from the bottom of the kitchen line to serving a course meal at one of the prestigious art festivals in the Kingdom. Now, she is leading the charge of Nakhati as its Culinary Director.



“What we’re doing here at Nakhati excites me every day. Yes, we do delicious gelato, I work with a team that lets us innovate and go crazy kitchen to give people unique flavors. But you know what? That’s just the icing on the cake.”


Chef Imani let out a big grin before continuing, “We get to be a part of something we believe in and be proud of. Passion is at the heart of everything, and it’s something that’s embedded in our shared Kerten DNA. At Nakhati, we’re working towards creating opportunities for women to go after their passion— through entrepreneurship, whether through franchising the brand or creating opportunities for them to incubate and grow.”


5 Scoops on Nakhati

Don’t miss this on your next visit


  • The flavors go from refreshing to decadent— the lemon mint, salted caramel, and berries, they have it. And not only that, Chef Iman is all about bringing the local touch through culturally experimental chef choices that work… ask for the season’s offering, and you may just be pleasantly surprised.
  • This is a Creative Haven, from the well-thought branding (that bilingual typography is worth a second look) to the interior aesthetics, the attention to detail is palpable.
  • Get your pick-me-up coffee here. And they managed to have some of the beans sourced locally from Jazan, a definite plus.
  • Try that Gelato Bun, this is the adult gelato sandwich you deserve, a total upgrade from our childhood baqala ice cream sandwich.
  • Stay Tuned for the Creative Residency, the next phase of this brand’s journey. They’ve already started championing local creatives, check out their uniforms designed by a local fashion designer and the in-store mural by local artist Noura AlSaidan.


Instagram: nakhati.ksa