Special Needs Centers in Jeddah

special needs center

Here are some places for children with special needs in Jeddah. here are 9 of special needs centers

1. Early Intervention Center

early-intervention-centerA habilitation center that combines personal care programs, educational programs, psychological therapy, and physiotherapy through diagnosis and early intervention.

Location: Doljah Ibn Qyes, Al Naeem Dist.
Tel: +966-12-6587053

Mob: +966-568852678
Facebook: EarlyInterventionJeddah

Twitter: tada5ol_mobaker

2. Help Center | special needs center

special needs centerA non-profit philanthropic organization specialized in enhancing the lives of people who have special needs, through a safe playing, working, and learning environment.

Location: Ismail Abu Daud, Al Andalus Dist.
Tel: +966-12-6631113
Web: helpcenter.med.sa

Instagram: helpcenterksa
Twitter: helpcenterksa
Youtube: Help Center KSA

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3. The Geniuses Club for special needs

the-geniuses-club(For children 2-8 years old)
This club takes care of all children including ones with special needs. This club includes skills and hobbies development program, developing the skill of language and pronunciation, and Montessori program.

Location: Al Naeem Dist.
Mob: +966-504627922
Whatsapp: +966-566505225
Web: littlegeniusclub.wordpress.com
Instagram: specialandgenius
Twitter: specilandgenius

4. Jeddah Autism Center:


Photo Credit: hiamag.com

JAC provides the best leading educational programs, rehabilitation and family support for children with autism;  amending behavior through positive reinforcement, and method education (behavioral and cognitive education).

Location: Al-Andalus Dist., Prince Turki Ibn Abdulaziz St.
Mob: +966-561868244
Email: info@jacenter.org
Web: jacenter.org
Instagram: jeddahautismcenter
Twitter: JeddahAutism

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5. Disabled Children’s Association:

disabled-childrens-associationDCA includes social and educational interaction, psychological care such as, psychological stability and adaptation to disability. They also provide consultancy to persons with disabilities and their families.

Location: King Abdulaziz Rd. Al Nahda Dist.
Tel: 8001241118
Web: dca.org.sa
Instagram: dca_ksa

6. Jeddah Institute for Speech & Hearing

jishJISH specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of various hearing disorders and communication with the aim of providing Arabic speaking services. For example, pronunciation, fluency, expressive language, audiovisual qualification.

location: Rawdat Al Khalij St. , Al Rawdah Dist.
Tel: +966-12-667 5311
Web: jish.org
Email: jish@jish.com.sa
Instagram: jishorg

7. Language & Listening Stimulation Center – LLSC

special needs center
The center is focused on re-orienting kids with speech and hearing difficulties towards society and improve their wellbeing communication and empower them to reach out to their parents, peers, and society. The center uses strategies and collaborates with specialized consultants from the United States of America.

location: Al Salama Dist.
Tel: +966-12-6391055
Mob: +966-504675080
Web: llsc-sa.com
Instagram: llscksa
Twitter: LLSCksa

8. Childhood Ability Programs – CAP

capCAP is well established rehabilitation service in Jeddah. They are catered towards children reintegration into society with their full potential. Their clinics are: the physical therapy clinic, the occupational clinic, the speech and language clinic, and the psychology and behavior modification clinic. therefore this center is considered one of the best special needs centers

location: Al Hamra Dist
Tel: +966-12-2841959‪
Mob: +966-

Web: caprograms.net

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9. Hope Center | special needs center

banner-11 special needs centerHope a center is a place where your kid can be nurtured and grow, by providing them with the best teaching practices which are under the guise of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Guests are divided between the British or American curriculum based on applicability.

location: Prince Sultan St.
Tel: +966-12-6996475
Mob: +966-

Web: hopeksa.org


Get Your Plan B Together!

“If we stay in our comfort zone, we will not improve. To move forward, we should have the courage to change.” – Mohammed “Sal” Salem, Saudi comedian

Popular oral hygiene brand Oral-B hosted an event to promote their campaign #iSwitched at Effat University this past Wednesday, 8th November. #iSwitched is about switching from a bad habit to a good one, and promoting a healthy lifestyle change.whatsapp-image-2017-11-09-at-12-09-00-pm

Headlining the Oral-B campaign is Saudi influencer and comedian Mohammed “Sal” Salem, who spoke at the event to Effat students about his #iSwitched experience. He was studying pharmacy when he started being a YouTuber, something that changed his career path’s direction.

He advised the students to have a Plan B in their lives, something enjoyable and different from what they are doing now. Sal’s Plan B, for instance, was to become a YouTuber and he became an influencer along the way.whatsapp-image-2017-11-09-at-12-09-00-pm-1

Speaking to Destination Jeddah, Sal urges readers to not be afraid of change. He was hesitant and afraid of change in the beginning, too, but with support from his mother, he managed to step out of his comfort zone and do something he loves and enjoys as a full-time job.