Netflix announces new Saudi Made Psychological thriller | The Matchmaker

The Matchmaker Is set to be psychological thriller

You heard it here first! Telfaz11 brings you an enthralling psychological thriller.

Destination KSA is thrilled to share the news that Netflix has released the first look images for the upcoming Arabic psychological thriller The Matchmaker. The images offer a glimpse at the atmospheric and eerie story set against the striking AlUla backdrop.


 The Matchmaker delivers a unique psychological thriller from the depths of Saudi Arabia thanks to the setting’s history and undercurrent of magic.


The breathtaking landscapes of AlUla serve as the perfect backdrop for this visually stunning film.



The Matchmaker centers on Tarek (Hussam Alharthy), an IT professional who develops a passionate crush on the attractive intern working for him (Nour Alkhadra). He follows her to a strangely haunted desert resort where a matchmaker (Reem Alhabib) promises to pair visitors with their ideal bride. But when Tarek leaves the resort’s boundaries, he unearths a long-forgotten grudge.


The Matchmaker is produced by Telfaz11 and directed by Abdulmohsin Aldabaan


The movie showcases the beauty and historical significance of AlUla while telling a captivating story in Tarek’s discovery. Viewers can expect stunning visuals and a unique cultural experience. 


The Matchmaker is produced by Telfaz11 and directed by Abdulmohsin Aldabaan. The movie is filmed entirely in AlUla, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Saudi Arabia, and launches exclusively on Netflix on April 27, 2023.


The movie stars Hussam Alharthy, Nour Alkhadra and Reem Alhabib

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