Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

At Your Fingertips

At Your Fingertips

We set out to compile a list of ten apps developed by locals, for locals.


1- Zahma o La (, Android and iOS)

If you live in Sharqiya and don’t have this app on your phone, we don’t know how you’re surviving! Zahma o La lets you know how crowded it is at the causeway, making your weekend Bahrain excursions ten times easier.

22- Saher Today (ساهر اليوم) (Android and iOS)

Saher Today helps drivers detect traffic monitoring cameras on the road, both fixed and mobile. It attracted 66,000 users on its launch day alone.

113- Feelit (, Android and iOS)

Stop bottling your emotions and just Feel It! Share your feelings and get hugged by your friends. Find out how your friends are feeling all day, every day.

34- Chubble (, Android and iOS)

Chubble lets you share 90 second live videos with your friends, and in turn allows your friends to reply with their reactions.

55- Ymdi (, iOS)

Do you always start your shopping only to have to abandon everything as the shops close for prayer? With Ymdi, just tap in your destination and the app will tell you how long you have before the place closes for the next prayer.

66- Masareef (, Android and iOS)

The smartest and easiest way to manage your finances; stay up to date with your bank account, organize your receipts and stick to your budget.

77- Haratna (, Android and iOS)

Find football players in your area, chat and set a date and time for a match.

88- Feeedz (, iOS)

Stay up to date with the latest deals and offers in the area. Never miss a discount from your favorite stores and restaurants.

99- Wain Nakel (, iOS)

Tired of trying to decide where to eat? Wain Nakel finds restaurants close to you and helps you make the decision.

1010- Madarisna (, Android and iOS)

The ultimate school directory! Let Madarisna help you make the right decision for your children’s education.

In the Spotlight: B8AK

B8AK allows users to order home maintenance services with just a few clicks. Khalid Alhmili and Eyad Alshabaan noticed the hassle it is to hire quality maintenance services in the Kingdom, and so in October 2014, they decided to turn B8AK into a reality.

Why did you decide on a mobile application?
We had started developing a responsive website for ordering home maintenance services in Saudi, but after the ArabNet 2014 Conference in Riyadh we decided to switch completely to a mobile app. The decision was based on our meetings with several CEOs of mobile app companies all over the GCC, where we discovered that 95 percent of their orders come from their apps rather than their websites.

What would you advise anyone currently considering app development or even a startup in general?
Many young entrepreneurs jump into developing their first startup without performing a market analysis and developing a clear business plan. At the end of the day, mobile applications are just tools to implement successful business plans. So please study the market and develop a clear business plan with clear revenue streams and cost analysis before developing the technical part of your startup.


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