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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

At The Crust of it All: Viva La Pizza!

At The Crust of it All: Viva La Pizza!

Who doesn’t like pizza? It’s a slice of paradise (we’ve got more of these coming), where the right combo of cheese, sauce, and dough is a sought-after perfection. This is history in baking, dear readers, Destination’s great pursuit.

Destination Bites

L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele is known to have the best pizza in the world and for good reason. From a beautifully designed interior with the remarkable wooden pizza oven to the many old pictures framed on the walls of the restaurant, telling you the stories and history of the place.

The food is beyond impressive. The infamous Margarita Pizza is the crowd favorite whereas the Bresaola pizza does not get the recognition it deserves. When it comes to pasta, although every dish is cooked to perfection, the lobster linguini takes the win. L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele is the kind of restaurant that will always satisfy your cravings and will never disappoint.



Margherta Pizza


→  Il Postino

A slice inspired by its Amalfi cliffside village namesake, the pizza has all you want in a Margherita and more. Expect all the classic ingredients served on top of an exceptionally deliciously crusty crust.




→  Vera Pizza

Add a touch of pink for an exciting pop. Sounds like a Vera good decision. The pink sauce gives your favorite pizza a little vibrancy and adds a layer of flavor and creaminess. We definitely approve.

Instagram: verapizza



Vegan Pizza


eatsinless-copy→  Rustic Pizza

With many different items on the menu that vary in pizzas as well as pasta, the vegan pizza truly and surely steals the show. Its ingredients are not only vegan and healthy, but its flavors do not compromise its deliciousness too. It’s a must-try for healthy people.

Instagram: eatsinless



DIY (make your own Pizza)


screen-shot-2022-11-08-at-2-04-59-pm-copy→  Piatto

We love and ‘a-dough’ the DIY pizza for kids at Piatto where your kids have a chance to create their own customized pizza adding their own creative touch and their favorite toppings. Gone are the days kids can be picky with their pizza toppings. Whatever toppings you prefer, you name it.

Instagram: piattoksa



Unconventional Pizza



→ Fancy Butcher Pizza

Seriously DOUGH, let’s talk about El P’s Fancy Butcher Pizza. This one is for meat lovers and a collision between deli delights and pizza comfort. Expect no less than homemade tomato sauce, Chego Cheese, Wagyu Bresaola, Crispy bacon, Salami, Pickled Jalapenos, and dried oregano.

Instagram: elp.ksa



screen-shot-2022-11-08-at-2-08-51-pmDID YOU KNOW?

Pizza Hut has finally made a comeback in the city of Riyadh! Its new location at Thumama District is worth the drive if you’re having nostalgic vibes and craving for the OG stuffed crust king.



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