Assila Hotel

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Celebrating Sicilian Cuisine here in Jeddah.

Are you in the mood to try something new? Assila Hotel along with chef Fulvio Pierangelin are hosting a Sicilian Cuisine that is taking place at the hotel’s restaurant Twenty Four. It is a new experience for people who haven’t tried Sicilian food.

Fulvio Pierangelin is a well-known chef who works as a creative F&B director at Rocco Forte Hotels. He owns a successful restaurant called Cambero Rosso. The chef along with his team are at the Assila Hotel cooking the meals for the guests to enjoy.

Sicilian Week is from July 7 – 21, and guests can enjoy Sicilian Saturday brunch on the 14th and 21st of July. The brunch includes 6 main courses, a live pasta station, two special soups and traditional Italian desserts.

Delicious Sicilian desserts and beverages will be available at Il Caffe & CoCo’Ba throughout the week. Guests can also enjoy a fabulous 3 course dinner at Aubergine, where they can mix and match their courses.

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