Artists Corner: Ghada Alhudaithi

Meet this month’s emerging artist!

Artist’s Profile

Name: Ghada Al Hudaithi
Age: 23
Occupation: Freelancer
Medium: Photoshop cc on my Wacom cintiq / paper, pencil and a bunch of markers.

What got you started?
The compliments I get after someone sees my cartoons, the feeling is very rewarding so I guess that can be it.

Why do you art?
It’s my way of having fun.

Is your work the result of sudden inspiration, or long term planning? How do you think up your concepts?
Well, growing up watching old classic cartoons is basically the reason of me loving and producing them. I’ve always been inspired or amazed at how animation works and how “they” do it. So back in the day when I was in school, I kept on sketching during classes (not that I advise anyone to do so), whenever I study at home. Until I actually believed I got something going on.therapits1-final-copy

What is, in your opinion, the best thing you’ve ever created and why?
Honestly, I’m not the one who rates my cartoons so I don’t have any masterpieces, but personally I find my animal cartoon sketches good.

What do you think of the art scene in Riyadh? Anything you’d like to see changed?
The art scene here in Riyadh is pretty impressive, although the art styles are not my kind of art but who can’t love them, right?

Who are your role models?
Walt Disney, Matt Groening, Abdullah Jaber, Seth Macfarlane and Sara Qaed.

What does being creative mean to you?
To me being creative at cartooning is to take a situation or an idea, and looking at it from a different angle. Turning it into a funny unique cartoon.

Favorite piece of artwork by someone else.
A short silent cartoon by Walt Disney called “Plane Crazy” produced in 1928.

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