Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Artisan Coffee In The City

Artisan Coffee In The City
By Mohammed Al Mogbel

Delight your sense with these fancy caffeine fixes.

It’s known that 70 percent of coffee drinkers would love it if they could just inject the stuff directly into their blood stream. However, most fancy coffee drinkers were so busy being distracted by the express “capsule” stuff, that they’ve forgotten what great coffee tastes like. Lucky for us, a number of superheroes have joined hands together to change that. It’s worth mentioning here that Arabs were the first to discover coffee, which is significant since specialty coffee is on
the rise again.

Here are a couple of places in Riyadh where you can get your rich, freshly roasted caffeine fix.

The Roasting House
Carrying one of the biggest varieties of coffee-brewing tools, the guys at The Roasting House (TRH) will serve you a cup in each one of these tools until you find what you’re really into. As the retailers of Hario – The renowned Japanese brewing tools company – you’ll feel as if you’re in a laboratory ready to pump some caffeine into your system. Debuting in the Chocolate and Coffee Expo earlier this year, TRH was a huge hit. This roaster can be found in King Fahad District behind Hayat Mall.

Camel Step
Coffee Roastr:
Located in Alwadi District, the first thing you’ll notice about this place is their cute yet traditional blue camel logo. They’ll fix you up with a cup of your taste whether it’s a blonde roasted Arabic coffee, drip coffee or even espresso. The varieties of tools they use are top-notch as well.  But it’s not just about selling coffee with these guys. They strive for a higher purpose: educating people about nuances of the beverage and how to prepare it with excellence. Coffee, for them is a way of life.


White Foam Café
White Foam is one of the forefront pioneers of specialty coffee in Riyadh. With its penchant for supporting local artists and businesses, we love that the café doesn’t stop at just fancy coffee. They have everything from standard lattes and macchiato drinks to more exotic choices such as con panna and breve. Plus, they offer both the pour over method and siphoning to get your coffee made. And if your food companion is not a coffee fan, they also have a litany of pastries from local bakers!


Specialty Coffee
As an online coffee selling business, Varietal Café has a lot of variety. They offer both beans and coffee-brewing tools, and they ship to everywhere in the kingdom for a fixed price of SR 35. And they’re one of the few businesses in Saudi Arabia that offer to let you pay via PayPal. Decaf lovers, rejoice!

Varietal is probably the only place you’ll ever find a decaf Arabic coffee.

Also look out for Elixir Bunn Coffee Roasters in the Alnakhil District.


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