Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Art & Design Exhibition At DAU

Art & Design Exhibition At DAU

The College of Art & Design at Dar Al Uloom University hosted an exhibition to showcase their students’ several innovative and creative work in January. 

The two-day event included students’ work in painting, photography, furniture design, interior design, pop art and installations.

Several students reflected Saudi culture and tradition in their designs, including a Najdi theme. Some had 3-D illuminations, while others used abstract designs for furniture.

With themes ranging from society to good vs. evil and the good ol’ food truck corner, the exhibition drew in a large crowd of art lovers.

Wings of Hope

These wings of hope represented the keywords : Learn, faith, love, live, hope.


This was an interactive installation art, showing both wings from the sides. White cardboard was used in the wings with colorful geometric shapes indicating hope in life.

Words said by people


The black balloons represented people’s words.

This art portrayed that people’s words are like rocks, you either carry them on your back or you use them to build a bridge to you higher and further.

Beyond Good & Evil


This represented good VS evil.

Black and white feathers showed the good side and the evil side, centered by a balance.

Knowledge is light and Ignorance is darkness


Hand Casting with Actions


The hands casted above represented everything that elevates you while the ones below represented that which puts you down.


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