Arkan’s Array of Deliciousness

A breakfast hosted by the rukuns of Arkan!

Arkan is a spot created to host various and different corners from various and different cuisines. The meaning behind ‘Arkan’ is to offer its customers with an array of different Rukns aka corners and this weekend, we got the chance to try their delicious menu!

The Rukns (corners) of Arkan! 

This spot is home to a wide selection of different corners including Al Rukn Al Saudi, Al Rukn Al Maghrabi, the European Rukn, the Turkish Rukn, Al Rukn Al Masry, and Rukn Al Masa.


  • The Saudi corner

Al Rukn Al Saudi features a menu of Shakshuka, Foul, Masoub, Tatameh, and Cheese.

  • The Moroccan corner  

This Rukn hosts a wide selection of Moroccan delicacies from their Al-Haswa Soup, Fattened, Eggs with Khlei’, Baghrir, olives, and Jam.


  • The European corner

Servings of continental options (eggs + meat + potatoes) served with beans, crepe, and different types of cheeses will be placed on your table.

  • The Turkish corner 

Bring in the Turkish rukn! This corner hosts Kuymak (cheese), Minimen (eggs), Special Turkish Labneh, honey and cream.


  • The Egyptian corner

The Egyptian Rukn houses a variety of traditional dishes from their Falafel aka Taimiyah, Eggs with Pastrami, Hummus, Foul, and Cheese with Tomatoes and pickles.

The Space and service! 


As you set foot into the space, you are overwhelmed by the authentic feel that overcomes you. Especially considering the concept of Arkan, serving different Arkans (corners) to your table creates a unique aura and experience. Based on the plates that we tried, we can safely say, we will be back soon and so should you!

Make sure you stop by within their working hours, which are 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM.

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