Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Arab’s Got Style Trendsetters on Instagram

Arab’s Got Style Trendsetters on Instagram
By Areej Al Salmi

Copying the trendiest outfits off the runway can be fashion faux pas disappointment or might even somehow look like a Halloween costume on a casual event. Which is why we have gathered the upmost favorite Instagram’s elite circle of chic in the Gulf.

From the preppy and all the way to the sporty, just so you can match it with your upcoming day out.


Followers 25.5k

The stylist is as noble and fresh as it gets. With his fly taste of fashion, Naif Alhaif can get away with a long paisley shirt or a bandana print. He is known for his love of ripped jeans and fedora hats while kicking it off with vibrant colored sneakers.


Followers 25.3k

Bejal Zakariya Alqasim is a young fashionista at 21 years old. He gets our nod for his flair for high street fashion. He turns heads with his sleek taste in brands (such as FearOfGod, and Prexy Vision) while keeping his face in secrecy behind a customized mask.



Followers 26.9k

The two sisters, Thana and Sakhaa, go about their daily lives looking like a boss in shades of grey from Calvin Klein, Hollister and those Adidas shoes. They turn the street into their own runway of casual chic outfits glammed with tiny jewels of blue and white pave set diamonds.


Followers 21.2k

Just like her profile picture, this style icon has a bohemian touch dressed in Katybetar’s designs or in Layla Bisharah’s gold cape. Rawda keeps a natural make up look and tops it off with a handmade head chain.

Some of our GCC Favorites:


Followers 49.2k

Whether he’s in Adidas sweats or all suited up with Lanvin, Mahmoud Sidani makes sure to accessorize it with a shiny smile. Bored of the redundant styles of thobes, but still want to be in one for that good ol’ family reunion?
Try the trendiest thobe shown on his page by @Tobybyhatem for SR 650.


Followers 191k

It’s obvious that Ascia has outdone herself by becoming a prestigious influencer in the fashion world, but she isn’t the only family member with an arty style. Ahmad proves that a dad can be a gentleman or even pull off the fresh hip look.



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