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ArabNet Riyadh 2015 Technology Trends

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The largest and most exclusive digital gathering in KSA.

ArabNet Riyadh 2015 is the largest and most exclusive digital gathering in the Kingdom, which holds unique discussions and talks around digital business, technology and entrepreneurship.

This year’s conference covered many interesting topics in the digital world and gave brilliant minds a chance to be recognized and meet other like minds.

Some of the Areas Covered

Strategic Online Positioning Through Luxury Commerce Management, Digital Mobile Banking, The True Power of eRetail, Islamic Digital Economy, solutions and apps serving Islamic-conscious users.

Machine-to-Machine and Internet of Things, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Gaming at the Forefront.

A day of workshops for entrepreneurs, developers and designers focused on building great digital products/services.

ArabNet ran three competitions at the event highlighting rising talents in the region, who pitched their startups, ideas and creative games during the Forum Days.

In 2015’s three-day event, the hottest trends common amongst all categories were apps; gaming apps, marketing and research apps, banking apps, business development apps, apps in the food industry and e-commerce apps. As the app industry was burning the floor, gaming apps took the forum to a whole new level, presenting six game developers from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan, who showcased their apps at the Battle of the Games. The ultimate winner out of all the amazing games presented was Popcorn Chef by a developer from Jordan.

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